Core Plus is a premier CMS for the web, designed for security and performance with an emphasis on marketability and ease of use. For us, these are a few of the most important features any application or website should focus on.

  • Security: If your website gets "hacked", then it doesn't do much good.
  • Performance: If your users get bored waiting for the page to load, then it doesn't do much good.
  • SEO & Marketability: If search engines cannot correctly parse your content, then users can't find your website and it doesn't do much good.
  • lastly Usability: If you can't figure out how to add content to your website, then well… it doesn't do much good.


Looking for a framework that you can get support and ask questions about, or just want a complete hands-off approach? eVAL offers full 24/7/365¼ support of Core Plus, (among other frameworks), and all security, hosting, and design concerns. Learn more about Core Plus.

Computer Programming should be more than simply a job, it's an art form!

Other frameworks and CMS's sort of kinda work, but far too many simply take the "just get it done" approach. This means that they look at what is currently selling or what features are trending, and farm out the necessary tasks to the cheapest bidder or slop something together with no effort given. In our view, code is an art, and which simply can't be slapped together. Core Plus reflects this principle, with the underlying engine under the hood as elegent as the finished product.

Expandable & Modular

Like any good web framework, Core is built to be expanded. If there is a custom feature that you are thinking of and need a rock-solid user engine and framework, modules can be built on top of Core with relative ease; there is even scaffolding systems in place to get your custom component up and running quickly!

What if a core feature or behaviour needs changed? Unlike many other "enterprise" CMS's out there, when you download and build on Core, you get the full ready-to-go PHP source code. This means that you will never suffer vendor lock-in or janky environmental requirements!

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