Installation Guide and Walkthrough

To get started with Core Plus, download one of the bundles available on the downloads page and upload/extract that to your public_html directory on your webserver. Next, just browse to the URL you will be accessing the site.

It's recommended you already have your DNS and SSL settings configured prior to doing this.

Pre Install and Checks

The first page should be the license agreement. If you do not see this, check that your server has php-xml installed as it will be required to start the installer.

Assisted installation and support is available through authorized MSP firm eVAL. Manual self-installation is also available, which this document will cover.

The install script will check for further dependencies and system environment requirements. If any issues are detected, you will be presented with what the issue is and, if possible, quick fix solutions to resolve each detected issue. This is optimized for Ubuntu, Debian, and CPanel installations. Please note for cpanel, installation on a shared host may not be possible as most providers do not provide the necessary libraries required to run Core, such as Sodium for password hashing or YAML for I18N support.

Once any issues are resolved, you will be able to proceed to the configuration step.

Pre Install Configuration

Site configuration can be as simple as entering a site name, selecting if SSL is supported, entering a server contact email, timezone, and whether development mode should be enabled. The full list of pre-installation configurable options are available via the Toggle Advanced Options option at the top of the page.

Database Configuration

Core will generate random credentials for database access, though you can manually set these if desired on the database configuration page. Currently Core supports MySQL and MariaDB only, though developers can implement custom database connectors if necessary.

Bug Notice If for some reason the walkthrough prompt does not provide a username or password, simply refresh the page. Sometimes server cache will not allow these values to be displayed at first.

Once set, Core will attempt a connection to the database and will provide any issues encountered, or a successful notice when everything is good.

Configuration Deployment

If the web server has write access to the public_html directory, the configuration will be saved automatically, otherwise the raw configuration XML will be provided for manual copy and pasting via shell or a file browser.

Configuration deployment is the final step, and once complete will automatically lock the installer from further running. Site installation will occur as soon as the configuration is installed and all checks pass, providing a link to continue to the site and proceed to actually using Core.

Unexpected Issues

If unexpected installation issues are detected, a log should be available in public_html/logs/installer.log. Check this for log output during installations.

Post Install Steps

Once installation is complete, the application is ready to start using. Installation only is performed on Core itself however, so additional packages included in the bundle (aka, the "Plus" portion of Core Plus), will need to be installed after. The first step is to setup the first super admin user however. Clicking Access Core Quick Start will begin the post-install process.

Post Install User Creation

An initial super admin account is required for accessing any post-install steps. The first user created on the site will be marked as a super administrator with full access to everything.

Post Install Package Installer

Once an initial user account is created, all packages provided in the bundle will be listed for quick install. If you prefer, you can pick-and-choose what packages to install, or simply Install All Components to just install everything.

Quick Start Continued

Once additional packages are installed, the quick start will have more links, such as creating a home page, setting logos, etc. Different packages will provide different steps that can be followed.