Core Plus 3.2.0 Released

Core Plus 3.2.0, now with intelligent images, über page caching, and loads of other fun! ... Read More

Core Plus 2.6.2 Released

Feature Freezing Core now supports "Feature Freezing", where the updates provided in the UI only include bug fixes and security fixes.  This is to provide better support in enterprise and commercial environments where new features may not necessarily ... Read More

Release Cycle Change!

The just-released 2.6.2 version will be the last version of Core to follow the chaotic release schedule that the project has seen to date. Starting with Core 2.7.0, the project will be following a lunar-monthly release schedule with releases shipping on o ... Read More

GIT Commit Etiquette
Japanese Bowing

As of Core 2.6.1, GIT commit messages can be directly used to generate a changelog for the core and all components. To assist this, (and because it is a nice practice after all), here are some guidelines for proper commit message etiquette, kindly borrowed ... Read More

Core Plus 2.6.0 Released

Highlights Bacon (Lorem) Ipsum Core Plus now includes a Lorem Ipsum system for generating content without actually generating content.  This is powered by the delicious Bacom Ipsum, (stand-alone source code available in github).   Tabbed Cont ... Read More

Core Plus 2.5.8 Released

Packages included in CorePlus Basic 2.5.8 Core Plus 2.5.8 Packaged by Charlie Powell on Wed, 26 Jun 2013 17:43:16 -0400 Bug - Fixed a bug when loading a file from /tmp. This needed to have been forced as a FileLocal object despite that it may not be i ... Read More

Core Plus 2.5.7 Released

Packages included in CorePlus Basic 2.5.7 Core Plus 2.5.7 Packaged by Charlie Powell on Thu, 13 Jun 2013 17:45:25 -0400 Bug - Fix for bundling components that have a < 1 version. An example of this is "r7". Bug - Component getRequires needed to re ... Read More

Core Plus 2.5.6 '0xFF' Released

The newest build of Core Plus has been completed and released.  Some high-level notes about this release include a rewrite of the file backend with better support for FTP and remote files and a new shiny file manager!  Since it has been a while s ... Read More

Core+ 2.2.6 Released, (Now with Profile Interactions!)
Social Media Icons 20

New version of Core Plus has been released, with a major feature... social connections!  Not just the standard "Post to facebook" regiment either, (not that posting to facebook is bad mind you).  Aside from being able to post blog articles to fac ... Read More

Core+ 2.2.0 Released

Version 2.2.0 of the Core Plus framework has been released! ... Read More

Core+ 2.2.0 Early Preview

We've been doing some work on internal projects built on Core+, so the framework's codebase has been idle for a little while.  Despite this, development certainly hasn't stopped on the framework!  Major updates have just been merged into the upst ... Read More

Encryption coming soon!
Encryption Cloud Computing

The next major revision of Core+ will include encryption! ... Read More

Blog Component
Generic Newspaper 02

Core+ now has a basic blog / news component!  This is only in 1.0.0 version, but it has been released and is fully functional, (albeit a little light on features at current).  With the development of this feature, you can add blog functionality o ... Read More

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