Geographic Codes 2.1.1

Geographic Codes 2 1 1

A collection of geographic utilities for geocoding, ip-lookups, and dealing with geographic addresses in general.


Manual Upload (FTP, SFTP, or CPanel)

This package can be installed by uploading the following "tarball" package to your webserver via SFTP, FTP, or CPanel. This will also provide the source code of the package, which can be added to your own VCS.

Simply extract the contents to the root directory of your site, (eg: public_html).

Please note, you may need to run the system reinstaller or clear system cache in order for the new package to be detected.

Download Source

CLI Installation

If your site is configured to connect to this repository, you can run the CLI updater to retrieve this package automatically.

Please note, you will need to be running Core Plus 7.0.

	./cli /updater --package='component|geographic-codes|2.1.1'


  • Released: January 3, 2020
  • Compatibility: Core Plus 7.0
  • Packager: Core Plus Maintainer <>
  • GPG Key: 0D9B 6163
  • Downloads: 154


Version bump to indicate Core 7.0 support