jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. Also provides jQueryUI full package. jQuery UI provides abstractions for low-level interaction and animation, advanced effects and high-level, themeable widgets, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library, that you can use to build highly interactive web applications.

Historical versions for JQuery-Full that are included in this repository. Also included is the full changelog as published by the maintainer.

JQuery-Full 2.1.3-4

Released August 1, 2016
Built for Core Plus 6.0.1
Author: Charlie Powell

2.1.3-4 Changelog

  • More images throughout everything!

JQuery-Full 2.1.3-3

Released March 23, 2016
Built for Core Plus 5.0.0
Author: Charlie Powell

2.1.3-3 Changelog

  • There are yellow icons too?...
  • some missing assets on jquery.icheck component
  • Copyright update from 2015 to 2016.
  • Switch to 5.0 version of function namespaces for set_message.
  • Add a notice when in DEVELOPMENT_MODE when requesting to use jquery.cookie, as that library is no longer maintained upstream.
  • jQuery didn't like being minified :/
  • Upgrade jQuery and jQuery.form to the newest upstream versions.
  • Cleanup some legacy css assets.
  • Corrected minified version of jquery.masonry. (The previous bundle evidently did not include the necessary libraries.)

JQuery-Full 2.1.3-2

Released October 8, 2015
Built for Core Plus 4.2.0
Author: Charlie Powell

2.1.3-2 Changelog

  • Add the non-minified version of jquery.masonry and upgrade both to the latest upstream version.

JQuery-Full 2.1.3~core1

Released August 6, 2015
Built for Core Plus 4.1.0
Author: Charlie Powell

2.1.3~core1 Changelog

  • Upgrade jquery.cookie to 1.4.1
  • Update the copyright to 2015 and my email address throughout the project.

JQuery-Full 1.11.4~core2

Released April 30, 2015
Built for Core Plus 4.0.8
Author: Charlie Powell

1.11.4~core2 Changelog

  • Bug - Reverted theme from default to smoothness
  • Feature - More intelligent support for IE8.

JQuery-Full 1.11.4~core1

Released April 25, 2015
Built for Core Plus 4.0.6
Author: Charlie Powell

1.11.4~core1 Changelog

  • Remove unused versions of jQuery and jQueryUI.
  • Upgrade jQuery and jQueryUI to newest upstream versions.

JQuery-Full 1.11.2~core2

Released January 22, 2015
Built for Core Plus 4.0.4
Author: Charlie Powell

1.11.2~core2 Changelog

  • Upgrade icheck to latest upstream version, 2.0.0.
  • Repackage a number of components to fix a minor packaging bug.

JQuery-Full 1.11.2~core1

Released November 24, 2014
Built for Core Plus 3.5.0
Author: Charlie Powell

1.11.2~core1 Changelog

  • Include jqueryUI Touch Punch by default with jQuery UI to add support for touch devices.
  • Upgrade the bundled versions of jQuery to 2.1.1 and jQueryUI to 1.11.2
  • New version of mimimalect.
  • Include the minified version of minimalect.
  • Changed minimalect to not explicitly use minified version...which wasn't actually minified to begin with ^_^

JQuery-Full 1.11.0~core1

Released March 22, 2014
Built for Core Plus 3.1.0
Author: Charlie Powell

1.11.0~core1 Changelog

  • minimalect shouldn't hide the default option on selects
  • Fancy checkboxes and radios. Fully accessible and degrades nicely
  • compile/component fun.
  • Upgrade jQueryUI to 1.10.4 and jQuery to 1.11.0.

JQuery-Full 1.10.2~core4

Released January 2, 2014
Built for Core Plus 3.0.0
Author: Charlie Powell

1.10.2~core4 Changelog

  • Bump copyright date to 2014.

JQuery-Full 1.10.2~core3

Released September 30, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.6.1
Author: Charlie Powell

1.10.2~core3 Changelog

  • Feature - added in the sticky waypoints plugin

JQuery-Full 1.10.2~core2

Released August 31, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.6.1
Author: Charlie Powell

1.10.2~core2 Changelog

  • Make use of the namespace versions of View instead of static.

JQuery-Full 1.10.2~core1

Released August 6, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.6.0
Author: Charlie Powell

1.10.2~core1 Changelog

  • New upstream version of jquery, 1.10.2
  • New upstream version of jquery waypoints (2.0.3)
  • Forgot the version update on jquery-full.

JQuery-Full 1.10.0~core1

Released June 1, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.5.5
Author: Charlie Powell

1.10.0~core1 Changelog

  • Updated jquery to newest upstream version.
  • Updated jquery-ui to newest upstream version.

JQuery-Full 1.9.1~core1

Released April 15, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.5.1
Author: Charlie Powell

1.9.1~core1 Changelog

  • Updated to latest release of jQuery 1.9.1
  • Updated jquery.cookie, jquery.form, jquery.json, jquery.masonry, jqueryui.timepicker to latest versions

JQuery-Full 1.8.3~core3

Released February 22, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.4.5
Author: Charlie Powell

1.8.3~core3 Changelog

  • Updated timepicker to latest release

JQuery-Full 1.8.3~core2

Released February 4, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.4.2
Author: Charlie Powell

1.8.3~core2 Changelog

  • Feature - Added jquery.waypoints plugin into package.

JQuery-Full 1.8.2~core1

Released October 18, 2012
Built for Core Plus 2.2.5
Author: Nicholas Hinsch

1.8.2~core1 Changelog

  • Updated jQuery to version 1.8.2
  • Updated jQueryUI to version 1.9.0

JQuery-Full 1.8.0~core3

Released October 4, 2012
Built for Core Plus 2.2.1
Author: Charlie Powell

1.8.0~core3 Changelog

  • Feature - Added jquery.timepicker plugin

JQuery-Full 1.8.3~core1

Released January 15, 2012
Built for Core Plus 2.4.0
Author: Charlie Powell

1.8.3~core1 Changelog

  • Updated jQuery to 1.8.3

jquery-full 1.7.0-1

Built for Core Plus 0.0.9

JQuery-Full 1.7.2~core1

Built for Core Plus 2.1.0

JQuery-Full 1.8.0~core2

Built for Core Plus 2.2.0

JQuery-Full 1.7.2~core2

Built for Core Plus 2.1.2

JQuery-Full 1.8.0~core1

Built for Core Plus 2.1.6