hoverIntent is a plug-in that attempts to determine the user's intent... like a crystal ball, only with mouse movement! It works like (and was derived from) jQuery's built-in hover. However, instead of immediately calling the onMouseOver function, it waits until the user's mouse slows down enough before making the call.

Historical versions for JQuery-hoverIntent that are included in this repository. Also included is the full changelog as published by the maintainer.

JQuery-hoverIntent 1.8.1-1

Released August 1, 2016
Built for Core Plus 6.0.1
Author: Charlie Powell

1.8.1-1 Changelog

  • More images throughout everything!

JQuery-hoverIntent r7~core3

Released August 31, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.6.1
Author: Charlie Powell

r7~core3 Changelog

  • Make use of the namespace versions of View instead of static.

JQuery-hoverIntent r7~core2

Released June 5, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.5.6
Author: Charlie Powell

r7~core2 Changelog

  • Just a minor upgrade path fix.

JQuery-hoverIntent r6~core1

Built for Core Plus 2.1.2