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Provides an inline browser experience for raw markdown files on the server disk. This is expected to be used in conjunction with manually SFTP'ing files to the production server and having them automatically viewable on the live site as HTML pages. This DOES NOT provide functionality for editing those markdown files, as that is expected to be done via an external editor!

Historical versions for Markdown Browser that are included in this repository. Also included is the full changelog as published by the maintainer.

Markdown Browser 2.2.1

Released August 17, 2016
Built for Core Plus 6.0.5
Author: Charlie Powell

2.2.1 Changelog

  • New logo for markdown browser.
  • Properly handle links when generating breadcrumbs in markdown files.

Markdown Browser 2.2.0

Released July 20, 2016
Built for Core Plus 6.0.0
Author: Charlie Powell

2.2.0 Changelog

  • Bug - Fix to ensure that html files are translated correctly to the md source.
  • Font awesome classname fix.
  • Migrate i18n logic from .ini to .yml.

Markdown Browser 2.1.0

Released March 23, 2016
Built for Core Plus 5.0.0
Author: Charlie Powell

2.1.0 Changelog

  • Add documentation for the markdown browser project.
  • Add support for download links for non-web files in markdown sources.
  • Email changes for consistency from to (Don't know how these keep sneaking in...)

Markdown Browser 2.0.0

Released December 27, 2015
Built for Core Plus 4.9.0
Author: Charlie Powell

2.0.0 Changelog

  • Feature - Add options to automatically import markdown files as pages.
  • Completely rewrite how the markdown browser system works.

markdown-browser 1.0.2

Built for Core Plus 2.1.3

markdown-browser 1.0.0

Built for Core Plus 1.9.2

markdown-browser 1.0.1

Built for Core Plus 2.1.0