Historical versions for Sitemap that are included in this repository. Also included is the full changelog as published by the maintainer.

Sitemap 1.0.4

Released January 2, 2014
Built for Core Plus 3.0.0
Author: Charlie Powell

1.0.4 Changelog

  • minor comment change.

Sitemap 1.0.3

Released April 7, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.5.0
Author: Charlie Powell

1.0.3 Changelog

  • Feature - Added a new hook - /sitemap/getlisting. Useful for components that need to register their own pages on the sitemap.
  • Minor fix to support pages that don't actually exist.

Sitemap 1.0.2

Released February 4, 2013
Built for Core Plus 2.4.3
Author: Charlie Powell

1.0.2 Changelog

  • Updated the sitemap page to only display "selectable" pages.
  • Updated the sitemap page to display results for the current user instead of just guests.

Sitemap 1.0.0

Built for Core Plus 2.1.2

Sitemap 1.0.1

Built for Core Plus 2.1.4