Core Plus allows developers to rapidly develop new components to add custom functionality, or modify existing components and even the core system because of Core's strict MVC architecture and open source unobfuscated code. The open PHP architecture also makes it easy for even entry level developers to jump into the code base and start coding faster than compiled languages and even other open, less intuitive frameworks, saving project development time and dollars and the need for higher cost specialized developers.

Unlike some other open applications that are repurposed from blog engines into frameworks, Core Plus was built from the ground up as a purpose-specific solid application engine.

Customizations can be done to the application in a development environment, then pushed to a private repository behind the corporate firewall, where the live application can pull updates from, easily and quickly. Code integrity is ensured by use of GPG signing on all repository packages, even from private repositories. This makes deploying new code a breeze and secure, even in multi-server environments. If there are any questions about customizing the application, direct access to the Core Team is readily available with on-premise and remote consulting.


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