Intelligent Scaling

The Core Plus CMS supports automatic image resizing and tagging.  This allows you to upload a HUGE photograph at full resolution if you like, and have it automatically scaled down and resized in order for viewing and downloading.  This saves you bandwidth and saves your visitors time.

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Animation Support

If you upload animated GIFs, many sites will simply grab the first frame if it's resized.  With Core, animated GIFs are resized while perservng animation!

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Automatic Meta Data

Just like all other Core feature, metadata is critical on images too!  Your site images can provide invaluable content to search engines, and with Core, that data is preserved as well.  With the following image, a filename with spaces was added to the image before uploading to the site.  Core automatically converts spaces to dashes and preserves the filename otherwise in preview links AND on alt tags.  Don't believe, just take a look at the source code ;)

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